Downshifting: Justified

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Romantic young couple with old bike in spring nature

Two years ago I moved to a new city and met a very interesting couple. I met them at my friends’ wedding. She graduated from Boston University back in 2001 with a Masters Degree in Biochemistry and worked in Boston. She was a brilliant student and a promising professional. Besides, she was (and is) very pretty and full of enthusiasm.
He faced a big world with Master’s Degree in Computers and worked in New York City. He used to make a lot of money and was also extremely bright and talented.
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5 Cheap Ways to Look Cheap

•March 12, 2013 • 1 Comment

Have you ever looked in the mirror trying to find out what details of your wardrobe make your outfit look somewhat inappropriate. OK, let us be honest and talk about the decidedly uncool things that make any outfit look cheap and tacky. Perhaps somebody will think that I’m going to tell that the pink bows look odd if worn by a girl who is older than 8 years. But I aim to take the me in-depth look upon this problem. The matter is that the customary garments and accessories that we see every day while doing shopping or in the public transport are awful indeed. But since we get accustomed to these cheap items they don’t seem horrible to us if we meet the people wearing them. From time to time we even start thinking of the probability to purchase that awful items ourselves. So what are these details and garments?

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Choose Your Perfumes Carefully

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The times when Dior or Chanel perfume were the object of true envy passed long ago. Today these bottles of perfume can be bought in any shop. But one may easily notice that one and the same perfumes may be offered at various prices from 20 USD to 100 USD. Why the prices differ so much? The matter is that one shop may offer the perfumes produced in India and another one may import the goods from China or Poland. The third shop may offer original perfumes produced in USA or France. But how can one distinguish between fake and original quality perfume? Do these scents really differ?

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Second Chance – to Give or Not to Give

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Each couple has its own reasons for a break up. However one thing can be said about all of them without exception – they just did not get what they needed from each other, be it care, attention or support. To give or not to give a second chance is a question which tortures every woman on a certain stage of here life. If you think about giving your man a second chance, it means that the emotional closeness between you two has remained, and if this feeling is mutual, it may be worth a second beginning.

The concept of break up exists on two levels – formal and informal. You can stop living together but on the informal level you will be still connected. To break up does not mean to forget and turn a new page; it is a long process which resembles disease. The relationship should be given a second chance only if both of you understand, that it will be a new story with two new persons.

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Nanushka brand

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Nanushka is a Hungarian fashion brand that became famous among fashionistas all over the world. It was established over 7 years ago by fashion designer Sandra Sandor. By the way the brand was named after her. Nanushka was her childhood nickname.

Nanushka is not about tendencies and trends. It is more about comfortable clothing. Sandor prefers full colors and soft materials. She prefers cotton, silk and wool. “I am always interested in what is going on around us in fashion, but not because I want to go with the trends. I always love to mix current trends with functionality and comfort”. And the design of clothing by Sandor really deserves attention. You may easily find Nanushka models in the best concept stores in New York, Tokyo, Paris, London.

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Casa Camper

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Camper is well known Spanish fashion brand of very comfortable shoes. They manufacture wonderful and convenient shoes that are very popular in the world. You simply do not want to take off shoes by Camper. Even though the company is aimed at mass production it seems that Camper shoes are the best in the world. The slogan of the company says, “Imagination walks”. Well, it might be so.

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Dainties with Red Fish

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Red fish is known for its useful qualities and is liked for its delicious taste. Dishes with red fish can become a decoration of any feast, no matter whether it was meant for real gourmets or just for amateur eaters. Here are the recipes which every connoisseur of red fish cooking art will find of much interest.

To prepare pancakes on skewers you should take:

  • 250 gr. of flour
  • 500 gr. of milk
  • two eggs
  • salt
  • ground nutmeg
  • eight tea spoons of butter
  • one sheaf of dill
  • 100 gr. of cheese
  • 100 gr. of sour cream
  • 250 gr. of smoked salmon cut in slices

To make pancakes, mix flour, milk, eggs, a pinch of salt and ground nutmeg. Leave this mass for ten minutes.

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The Doll Cemetery

•November 3, 2012 • 3 Comments

The Doll Island or The Doll Cemetery is located in the central pert of the Xochimilco Channel in Mexico. It is not recommended to visit the island for the people who suppose themselves to be faint hearted. This island has a complicated and frightening history.

Almost all the trees on the island are decorated with the old dolls which are turned into the dreadful lususes by the time and weather. Some of them are fixed with nails, the others are hanging on the ropes round their necks. They seem to watch the tourists with their empty eye pits.

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Useful Tips For Cooking Fans

•October 29, 2012 • 1 Comment

Many people enjoy making food themselves. Cooking is not just a pleasant hobby but also the possibility to control the quality of the meals your family consumes. Every cooking fan has his own simple and complex recipes of delicious dishes. Preparing of even the simplest meal can’t be imagined without using the small secret methods of cooking and storing the products. The following tips will help you to improve the taste of your homemade food and extend the shelf life of the products.

  • Cereals. Before you put the cereal into the boiling water add some butter. That will make the taste of the porridge more rich and prevent the appearing of nubbins. To prevent the rice from overboiling and getting too sodden add two or three tablespoonfuls of soy milk to the boiling water.

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How to Choose Wine for Your Meal

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The right choice is quite important when it concerns wine. The appropriate wine will stress the taste of the main dish while the wrong one will make it seem tasteless. In the modern cooking there exist a tendency to carry out experiments that’s why the rule to serve red wine with meat and cheese and white wine with chicken and fish is considered to be somewhat obsolete nowadays.

While choosing the main course and wine follow one simple rule. The rich and complicated taste of food requires a light and soft taste of wine. On the opposite the complex and sophisticated flavor bouquet of wine needs to be supplemented with a plain food with minimum spice. The old oude and expensive wine may appear to be completely distasteful if it is served with the inappropriate dish. The cheaper and less heavy wine may make a perfect composition with the right food.

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